Remotely monitor your Smart Farm

How many hours do you currently spend every week driving out to check on your water tanks and dams?


How much effort do you spend every day checking through weather forecasting websites, looking for reliable weather data for your local area?


How much time and money could you save yourself and your business by remotely managing all those assets from one convenient platform?



Telstra Smart Farm is a subscription and hardware service that enables you to remotely monitor your farm operations and helps report on key assets across your property




Early Adopter Program 2019

Are you interested to learn more about how you could utilise new tech-agriculture solutions and support your farming business to help you save time, money and make better informed decisions based on historical and actual conditions? Telstra is running an Early Adopter Program that will give you the flexibility to explore this technology with us.


For Telstra, the aim of the Early Adopter Program is to help us better understand how technology can help Australian farmers and how we can build products that meet your needs now and into the future. The program is being supported Australia-wide, and across several agriculture industry verticals ranging from cattle to cropping. This program is open to the public and will run until 30th November 2019.




Telstra Smart Farm Dashboard

The Telstra Smart Farm Dashboard will enable you to remotely monitor data from your key assets conveniently from one platform. With a Telstra Smart Farm subscription, you can manage up to ten different sensors and view hourly sensor data reports. Our single platform approach will help simplify your work so that you don’t need to log into different services to collect your data. Spend less time checking on your farm assets or weather conditions, and spend more time on what matters most.




Telstra Smart Farm Sensors

The Telstra Smart Farm Sensors are sourced from industry-leading manufactures who pride themselves on developing high-quality, and reasonably priced products. Modified to connect seamlessly with Telstra’s new Telstra IoT Network, you can install your sensors in more places around your property allowing you receive data where you couldn’t before.




Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Attach an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to a water tank or over a dam to monitor levels and volume without spending valuable time travelling to remote locations on your property.

Rain Gauge Sensor

Gather reliable and accurate insights into rainfall patterns at specific locations around your property to help improve your crop and irrigation management.

Weather Station Sensor

Track critical weather elements such as temperature, wind speed and humidity, to assist planning important livestock or crop management activities across your property.



Telstra Smart Farm Blue Node

The Blue Node is the key connectivity device of Telstra Smart Farm, enabling compatible sensors to securely report data back to the dashboard over the new Telstra IoT Network. With an easy plug-and-play set up, this device will power the connected sensor and begin reporting data back on the hour with a battery life up to 2 years. With an industry-standard IP67 weather-proof rating, operating temperature up to 70o, and shock-resistance design, you won’t need to worry about it being exposed to the elements – just connect and go.

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Setting up Telstra Smart Farm: To set-up your Telstra Smart Farm hardware, you will need a smart phone (iOS or Android) with a WiFi connection or mobile data (data charges may apply). To access the Telstra Smart Farm Dashboard and view your data, you will need a PC, iPad or laptop (MacOS or Windows 10) and an internet, WiFi or mobile data connection (data charges may apply).

Professional installation services: Telstra is unable to provide professional installation services for Telstra Smart Farm, however user guides and installation manuals are provided with the devices and online.

Leaving the Early Adopter Program: If you feel the solution doesn’t meet your needs, you can leave the Early Adopter Program at any time, in which case we will refund you the amount you paid for each Sensor and Blue Node that you return to us and that is in good working order. We will provide you a prepaid return box to return your hardware to the following: Telstra Device Warranty, Door 3/11-13 Ash Road, Prestons NSW 2170.

Subscription expiration: We’ll notify you to renew when your Smart Farm Dashboard access is due to expire, otherwise your service will be suspended. Your Blue Node devices will continue to take readings during this, but the new data will not be visible in your dashboard, instead you will only be able to view previous records. If you choose to renew your access it can take up to 24hrs for it to be reactivated, and for new data to become visible again.

Telstra can offer a money-back guarantee for your participation in this program. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information regarding your eligibility.